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Craft manufacturing
Carry all elegantly
We don´t want to just sell a product.
We want to offer a feeling, an emotion.
Our aim: "to arouse interest in our bags,
and to convey a concept and provoke a reaction".

Exclusivity, character and quality

A brand whose identity is based on exclusivity, character and daring. The bold color schemes that create surprising combinations, radiating the power that makes them distinctive. The quality is evident in each of the pieces.

From the functional to the sensorial

Behind each creation is a breadth of visual, mental and intuitive design and development which together with the invaluable implementation of the craftsmen makes them a benchmark for other brands. They move away from sobriety, dyeing our designs with earthy tones, or strong colours.

We serve people not customers

One of our values is proximity. They also provide service normally only offered by the big brands, with after sales service and repair of products. Their craftsmen analyze each piece thoroughly, evaluating and deciding on how to repair a piece.